Just like the creators of the Creative Commons’ licences, Privacy Tech works on the “privacy icons”.

The aim is to enable every organisation to use them in order to graphically show its commitment to privacy protection on its website or on its web platform corresponding to the General Conditions of Use since the latter are rarely read.

Licence Creative Commons
Ce(tte) œuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Attribution – Pas de Modification 3.0 France.

Nature of the collected data

Civil status, identity, personal identifying information…

Private life (living habits, family situation, apart from sensitive or dangerous data …)

Professional life (CV, education, job training, distinctions …)

Economic and financial type of information (income, financial situation, fiscal situation …)

Connection data (IP addresses, event logs….)

Location data (moving, GPS data, GSM …)

Data revealing racial or ethnic origin

Data revealing political opinion

Data revealing religious or philosophical convictions

Data revealing trade union membership

Genetic data

Biometric data in order to identify a natural person uniquely

Health-related data

Data concerning sex life or sexual orientation

Data relating to criminal convictions or offences

Individual national identification number (NIR for France)

Conservation period

No conservation of the data

Conservation period
1 year

Conservation period
2 years

Conservation period
3 years

Lawful conservation period

Management of third parties (recipients) & Security policy

Existence of external recipients of the organisation

Recipients exclusively internal of the organisation

Internal security policy

Security policy applied to the organization’s partners

Use of the collected data


Analysis of data analytics

Marketing & advertising

Commercial use

No commercial use

Cross-border flows of data

Transfer of data within the European Union

Transfer of data to a country with an adequate protection level

Modification and virality of the Privacy Policy

Modification of the Privacy policy with the consent of the data subjects

Recursive virality of the Privacy policy in case of a cession the organisation

No recursive virality of the Privacy policy in case of a cession of the organisation